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Algonest robo-advisory service`s goal is to create such an up-to-date investment management service that in the highest possible way will maximize returns on each and every investment taking into consideration the risk tolerance. Algonest has done its best in working out a portfolio of strategies which in their turn has been customized for any possible risk tolerance. The point of customized strategies is to amplify every investors` possibilities of investment success.

The Modern Portfolio Theory is used by Algonest. Though is was created in 1990 and has its limitations, nowadays it is the worldwide accepted and recognized structure on which Algonest has constructed investment management service. The whole structure and developed portfolio is trusted.

Not that long ago investment management service was available only to rich people, who could afford a personal financial adviser. With the robotechnical progress advisory services has become available to all investors, and Algonest has been able to deliver the automated advisory services at the lowest cost possible. Access to high-quality financial advise has been democratized.

The originality of Algonest mathematical algorithm, which obligatory includes accuracy, the speed of data processing information and instant issuing of orders, is exactly what makes Algonest designed system to be ahead of the market.

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The expansion of Robo-Advisory in Wealth Management

The takeover of the robots in the classic field of Wealth Management is an emerging trend across the industry. Is this the yet missing revolution to meet client expectations in a digitalizing banking environment? We provide a closer look at the German Robo-Advisory market.

What Is a Robo Advisor and What Do They Do?

A robo-advisor is, like the name suggests, a form of automated investment management service that requires little to no human interaction once the client makes the initial contact.

Sometimes called digital financial advice, robo-advisors are executed by software that utilize mathematical rules or algorithms to calculate asset allocation and investment selection for the client.

To arrive at the appropriate asset allocation and specific investment recommendations, the client will typically complete a risk tolerance questionnaire or similar form that requires the client to answer questions about their personal financial goals and tolerance for risk.

The investment type most often used with robo-advisory services is Exchange-Trade Funds, known as ETFs in the investment community, although other investment security types, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, futures, and real estate may be used.

After the initial investments are selected and allocated, the robo-advisor software will make periodic adjustments over time, similar to the rebalancing process that advisors and investors do manually.

Algonest Testimonials


Tell me, Algonest is this a pension or investment project? can I trust him?

Tom Trader

This is an investment project and very successful. You can earn income from automated trading on the Cryptocurrency permanently


Is Algonest only cryptocurrency robo-advisory service ?

Tom Trader

No, cryptocurrency is only one of the possible investments. This is a classic investment projects, and you can automatically carry out trades on currency pairs or stocks



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