ANN: Gbenga Olawepo pulls out of presidential race

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ANN's Gbenga Olawepo pulls out of presidential race

ANN's Gbenga Olawepo-Hashim has pulled out of presidential race over alleged breach of party's constitution.

Frontline presidential aspirant on the platform of the Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN), Gbenga Olawepo-Hashim, has pulled out from the presidential race on grounds of breach of the party’s constitutional procedures.

Olawepo’s decision comes barely few hours to ANN’s presidential primary election scheduled for Saturday, September 29, 2018.

In a letter addressed to the party chairman, Emmanuel Dania, Olawepo expressed displeasure over the failure of the party to correct the abnormalities he had mentioned to the chairman at their Wednesday meeting.

This, he alleged, amounts to a disrespect for the constitution of the party.

The aspirant who has toured a substantial part of the country campaigning for delegates’ support, noted said: “The list of delegates has not been provided to me as a Presidential Aspirant on the platform of the ANN. This is contrary to the constitution of the ANN and the Electoral Act. This is such a fundamental flaw as to render any exercise purporting to be presidential primaries to be nugatory.

“It is unfortunate that even on the eve of the so-called primaries, guidelines for the primaries, which ought to have been approved by the National Executive Committee (NEC) and issued at least 7 days before the elections, are not available.

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“The absence of guidelines to guide the conduct of the primaries constitute a grave violation of our party’s Constitution and the Electoral Act.

“The arrangements for the Presidential Primaries have not been published so that everyone will know. I dont know those to conduct the Primaries, including Accreditation of delegates, Screening of Aspirants etc.

“As a presidential aspirant, I am yet to know the arrangements put in place for the conduct of the primaries.

“I regret to inform you that I will not participate in tomorrow’s primaries until the constitution of the party is respected and all the defects are rectified”, Olawepo quipped.

The politicians had promised to set Nigeria on a part of economic recovery and growth through job creation if elected Nigeria’s president in 2019.

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