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On the way to success through BINARY SOCIAL TRADING

In the past, social trading was referred to wild parties thrown by brokers and traders. In this day and age the majority of things changed and now SOCIAL have become a huge part of business. Social trading is one of the new growth engines for converting new and retaining old clients.

The financial industry has been able to utilize the Internet in a way that other web-friendly industries such as the music industry and the entertainment industry have yet to capitalize fully. Binary Social trading is a method by which it cooperates to invest in the market. It has several advantages – whether you’re a beginner or experienced trader. The future of the world is in the hands of binary social trading.

What is binary social trading?

Binary options Social trading is a new option that allows traders to share and copy positions of the most professional and expert traders. Trades and limit orders are carried out by traders who have chosen social trading, published in the “Social Trading” and any other traders can see and copy them.

In Binary options social trading, investors participate in a community, sharing ideas, tips, and discussions. Social trading is so-called because it works on the same lines as a social network. Investors create accounts, follow one another, post status updates, and interact on comment threads. It is a perfect form of trading for both beginners and experienced investors.

The entire concept of social trading is actually very simple – the trader copies transactions and other activity of the trader or a group of traders who are considered to be experienced and credible, hoping to earn. Although, initially, the social trading was limited by bulletins and newsletters, today it has grown significantly, and is even a part of the trading platform itself.

Why do people prefer SOCIAL TRADING?

Let’s have a look at some key benefits and features of social trading.

Social Trading. Learning from professionals.

 Username:CountryWin rate:Average trade size:Generated profit:More infoPlatform
copy traderBronislava VenckieneLithuania65%$250$0 no data
Followcopy trader
copy traderNicolo GabossiItaly75%$300$0 no data
Followcopy trader
copy traderMd RokibulBangladesh68%$500$0 no dataFollowcopy trader
copy traderAntonio PereiraPorkulalia63%$250$0 no dataFollowcopy trader
copy tradingOtavio PellosiBrazil75%$200$0 no dataFollowcopy trader
copy tradingThiago FillipeBrazil87%$250$0 no dataFollowcopy trader
copy tradingRIGPALithuania75%$100$3874,64.00Followcopy trader
copy tradingFxTakumiUSA61.25%$100$4437,00.00Followcopy trader
copy tradingForexSmartmoneySpain41.05%$300$11449,48.00Followcopy trader
copy tradingSenchalRussia39.15%$300RUB229360,83.00Followcopy trader
copy tradingCaduceusUSA59.25%$350$12499,70.00Followcopy trader
copy tradingNAGARIAUSA69.25%$500$2713.49Followcopy trader
copy tradingArashIran48.05%$200$3542.91Followcopy trader
copy tradingCaduceusUSA52.65%$500$12499.70Followcopy trader
copy tradingCurrenTrade
Moldova88%$300$1,114,002Followcopy trader
copy tradingIceCreamSweet v2
Thailand80%$200$343,723Followcopy trader
copy tradingHugoStrategy08
Hungary100%$400$184,210Followcopy trader
copy tradingIndra Ke Enam
Indonesia64%$300$171,454Followcopy trader
copy tradingBinaryOptionAPI
Japan90%$500$146,049Followcopy trader
copy tradinganksnkfx
Kenya63%$500$10,410Followcopy trader
copy tradingOptionPartners03GBSwitzerland63%$300$131,006Followcopy trader
copy tradingLowRiskBOTrader
France65%$250$12,337Followcopy trader
copy tradingStrong8Z
Ukraine54%$300$140,823Followcopy trader
copy tradingMonacoTrager5
Followcopy trader

As well as in any field, analysis and simulation of experts is a great way to understand how and why they are making progress. Apart from the obvious opportunities for making a fortune, social trading will also allow you to improve your knowledge and understanding of Forex trading.

Social Trading. Cooperation with other traders.

Now beginners can accelerate their learning simply following in the footsteps of experienced and successful traders, as each copied transaction represents a glimpse into what was guided by an expert to open a specific transaction, as the expert responded to the price movement, and where the expert may have made a small mistake. So access to the statistics of trades of successful traders, and their followers can be very useful, and analysis of this data can help to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the trader.

social trading

Confidence is another important factor which should be taken into consideration. In an attempt to learn and master a new skill alone and without any help can be a difficult and very risky task, even if you have access to necessary materials. Just imagine how challenging it is to learn how to drive a racing car without any trainers and other experienced drivers around.

The same goes with social trading. Lack of leadership, will not only substantially slow down your learning process, but it can cost you a lot of money lost because of uncertain and uninformed decisions while investing. Using the advantages of social trading, will also help you to gain confidence in your abilities, which is important for any successful trader.
Analysis is the clue for achieving success in binary social trading

There’s a broad choice of trading platforms that focus on social networking and copying. And if you want to make progress you should study the top traders and where they get their analysis, as well as how they get them and achieve their success rates.

Top traders are clear on where they look for analysis, and just as clear on how they derive them. They may trade fast, as if on instinct, but it is usually based on experience. If their rates of success are high and their analysis are straightforward and clear, then you can choose whose signals you want to follow.

However, the traders you will follow have the risk of making the wrong call on whatever they are trading, like any other investor. Your risk is in following the wrong trader. Often, high-profit traders also incur high losses, and actually earn a very low net profit. It is advised to follow at least 12 month-old traders gaining average-to-medium yield every month, while incurring small losses. Their followers should have built up over time.

Binary Options Social trading is an attractive prospect for get-rich-quick schemes. However, like any other investment, alternative or otherwise, its best chance for success is through long-term planning, with compounding gains. Investing for extremely high gains in a very short period of time maximizes risk and actually minimizes success, because what is spent trying to find large gains may compound against the gain.

The long-term investment mindset takes time to play on demo accounts, analyze which traders to follow, calculate the needed amount of initial capital, and figure the allowable losses against potential gains. This mindset sees Binary options social trading as part of an investment portfolio that will provide for the future as well as the present.

Overnight millionaires tend to have a long history behind them, which leads up to where they are: you only have to look at both Apple and Microsoft for examples. Their founders encountered challenges, faced ridicule, went bankrupt, and simply kept on going. The success and strength of those companies would not be the same without the firm foundations slowly built under them. In the same way, think of the slow, steady approach to social trading success as making history.

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