Centra Card

Centra Card

Centra Card is a fully functional debit card that offers a wallet where users can safely store their assets. The map will work all over the world. It can be used in any place that accepts Visa or MasterCard. It completely works with a smart contract in the blockchain of Ethereum.

About the project:

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Most of us already know what bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are. Currently, the market value of all cryptographic currencies is more than $ 100 billion. The biggest problem for this industry is how you can use the currency in real life. Centra Tech has developed the world’s first fully compatible debit card. Centra is a bank card that will cover Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Monero and other cryptocurrencies.

At this time in the world, cryptocurrency already has several bank cards, but none of them is so functional. An additional advantage of the card is that it will provide an absolutely secure structure, and your private wallet and cryptography will be kept as an insured person.

Blockchain technology can play a useful role in enabling millions of people to send, receive forex broker mt4 and save payments using a free platform, thereby benefiting from lower transaction costs. We must withstand very high commissions to send money abroad.

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With Centra Wallet and Centra Card, you can spend your assets in real time. The card is designed to fully control your assets. Thanks to the CCE module, you can convert them into cash in real time. Thus, the problem of using your cryptography in real life in the modern world is solved. Centra Wallet, will allow you to keep safely your assets from theft and hackers in the blockchain system. It will also be possible to fine-tune your needs, both for the wallet and for the card.

With the card you can use your wallet as payment for goods or as a direct payment from any wallet that you choose binary options platform.

With this card you can make all kinds of purchases: clothes, household goods, machinery and transport. In the future, the platform will be allowed to list the products of suppliers in the cryptocurrency market.

The Token Centra (CTR) will have many advantages for its owners. The reward system is designed to provide incentives for users through tokens. Tokens can be purchased through BTC, ETH or LTC. Tokens can be used with the CBay Marketplace around the world anywhere in Visa or MasterCard.

Centra Tech also launched a platform called Coin Bay, which will become the world’s first supermarket in the style of Amazon, designed to make cryptocurrency acceptable. It is also planned to make a number of improvements that will facilitate the connection to some functions that are currently used by the community. In the CBay market, more than 100 products will be presented. In addition, Centra Tech uses mobile applications, each of which can create personal profile data; storage and security of information are guaranteed.

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Centra Card offers full availability to create a smart wallet and allows you to easily turn on and off cards using various functions of the application to connect to debit cards. Also, specific limits will be set here, without any additional costs, removing the costs associated with fluctuations in costs, such as withdrawing money or sending money to banks, and the user also has the option to install his wallet to store safely all digital assets.

Over the past few years, the technology of the blockchain ethereum has been supported by large financial and technology companies. The advantages of ethereum are that this system allows the use of smart contracts that allow companies to instantly create tools and services for work in the detachment.

The campaign launches 4 types of cards. Titanium card, this card has a daily limit of
$ 250,000. Black Card, which has a limit of $ 100,000 per day. Gold card, this card has a daily limit of $ 50,000. With the Blue & Virtual Card, the daily spending limit is
$ 5,000. In addition, each card will have a bonus program for active users.


Centra Card

Centra platform is divided into three parts:

  • Card and wallet

The card gives full control over your cryptocurrency. You can convert real-time cryptocurrency at market value to fiat money, with a commission of 0%, due to the Centra module.

  • io

The cBay platform gives Centra users the opportunity to buy more than 100,000 products from the cBay.io market using the cryptocurrency. You can use your Centra purse to pay for goods or pay directly from any wallet of your choice.

  • Token CTR

Centra Token (CTR) is available and traded on crypto exchange markets. There are many advantages to token holders. The reward system is designed to stimulate users who have tokens (for example, a reward of 0.8% for each network transaction or a reward of up to 2% for purchases).

  • Team
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The team is based on American experts in the field of technology, blockchain, marketing and global business operations. The company has offices in Miami, San Francisco, New York and Delaware. One of the Project’s Advisers is Floyd Mayweather, who in every way advertises and promotes Centra.


Centra Tech has developed a multi-blockchain debit card, connected to a smart wallet that is safe, secure and most importantly insured storage. At the moment Centra supports 8+ large cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC20-tokens, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Zcash and Monero. The Centra team has developed a platform that can be used by residents of any region where banking services are difficult to access.

In addition, Centra Tech intends to create a platform called Coin Bay (www.cBay.io), which will become the world’s forex broker mt4, largely repeating Amazon and allowing to pay cryptocurrencies.

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