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Recently I have decided to join a binary options broker to trade and be able to earn some extra money for my leaving, as after navigating in the web I read a lot of stuff about profits that people make on binary options trading. After the 3 endless hours of my searches I finally made up my mind on Discover Options, broker company located in the UK. Although Discover Options is quite a young company, I chose among hundreds others binary options brokers and below you will find why I made this choice.

First impression means a lot for me. After having a look at Discover Options web site, it does not seem much sophisticated, I love the colors though! My further discoveries and thorough examinations changed my opinion greatly. First it is the detailed menu that is made visible on every page and additionally at the bottom, so wherever you are on that site, you will always find the necessary option, and no need at all of clicking everywhere to get the right page. Secondly, and what me as a novice in this binary options trading, consider very useful and convenient and helpful is the availability of the Glossary which contains the explanation of the common terms for those who are just starting trying themselves as traders, like me.

The payment information as banking and deposits are clearly explained. Well, here is the thing: 3 hours web navigating made me acquainted with the general concepts of the binary options trading. So I learned that one can open an account with as minimum as 200 $ or euros. And Discover binary options bonus is available on any amount, which, according to same web, will definitely contribute to my profit, as trading amount will be higher. As an example: if I want to trade 50$, I will be able to make 4 trades with the minimum required, still with a binary options deposit bonus, which is 25% from 200$ deposit, I can trade 5 times! You see, number of trades increases, and the chances to get more profit go up! You see how easy this all is?! I am glad I found this binary options broker site, their Glossary was a real help for me! And live help is worth mentioning too: very friendly, polite and, the most important, aware of what they do!

Discover Options

But nevertheless, let`s go further. Discover Options account types requires special attention, as I can`t but mention the creativity in account type names. A trader is not just a trial trader, or basic. But an Observer at least. Various account types give you more opportunities to just try or trade, and Pulsar accounts for the most experienced. Being a beginner, I chose Explorer account, with 500$ deposit which gave me 35% bonus, so I have now 675$ in total to trade.

Even though the company is recent enough, according to their based date, it does not cede other top binary options brokers in the assets variety, so one can trade Stocks, Currencies, commodities and indices. And so the chances to win in any of those increase definitely.

Discover Options – binary options Trading tool is a regular scheme which I learned after studying others` softs, but as a beginner, I would much appreciate a demo video to watch and have an idea of how it is working. Still the vocabulary does not seem complicated, but quite understandable even for non-experienced.

As in the whole binary options trading process, there is always a risk of loss (although Discover Options guarantee 75 to 88% payouts), a separate article is dedicated to risk description, its minimizing and avoiding, which is highly recommended to pay great attention to and to read carefully, which will save you couple of hundreds or maybe even thousands of your money.

Good luck trading to everyone with Discover Options!

Simo 223

I agree. The site is very beautiful and profitable broker. I trade with discover options a long time and never had a problem with making a profit. Support always pleases with advice of Trade. Thank discover options

Nelly QQ

I used signals. With discover options is very simple. It is now switched to auto-trading. Reliable broker. recommend.


Strangely, I have heard both good and very bad about the discover options. What do you say about that?


Dude, do not confuse us. The discover options and discover options it’s 2 different companies. The first company was closed in 2013. At first, I was also surprised by the coincidence. But discover options has proved itself as a broker you can trust.


A good broker. When I trade, I feel like Spaceman in space, or a superhero.


This binary options broker id not work. So sad

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