Freestyle-Options Review

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Freestyle-Options Review

One of the most important steps to a successful trading is choosing the proper binary options broker. One of the most reputable brokers in the market is Freestyle-Options. According to traders’ reviews, they appreciate high services quality, including the most innovative trading tools, excellent customer support, and education system. Here everyone has a chance to become a professional trader. Regardless of the level of your trading experience you will get the best trading environment.

Once you open an account, you are accessed to the wide range of modern tools, including advanced charts, professional binary signals, automatic trading, top performance demo accounts, and best copy trading.

Perks of Choosing Freestyle-Options

– The payout rate reaches 90%, and that’s one of the highest percentages available in the market today.
– They provide the easiest and the fastest way to make money – 30-second trading.
– Total transparency and fairness. There are no commissions, transaction fees, or spreads.
– The platform is very user-friendly; it’s very convenient to trade.
– Top safety and security of your funds. They are kept in trusted European banks.
– Great customer support team.
– Free access to pro third party trading indicators and signals.
– Innovative trading technologies (advanced charts, technical and trading analysis).
– Free test-drive charts and integrated trading indicators.
– Wide range of currency pairs.
– 100% legitimacy and transparency.
– Possibility to see performance of other traders to choose good ones for copy trading.

Freestyle Options Customer Support

Customer support seems to be the broker priority. All of the clients are provided the most professional customer support. Each of the traders has a professional trading expert who is in charge of all his requests, interests, and investment goals. Traders are able to enjoy not only market updates and education materials, but also online webinars, can participate in regular tournaments, and get all the needed information and support. Thus, each of the traders will be provided top attention and fastest feedback.

Freestyle Options Copy Trading

FreestyleOptions provides a wide range of services for traders from all over the world. So, both professional and beginning traders can enjoy high level services. One of the best services provided is copy trading option. If you are a beginner and have no experience, it would be good to choose a successful pro trader to copy him and get not a bad profit from his bets.
The information on any trader you can find directly on their site, it is transparent and not discreet, so you can choose the trader you consider to be the most proper for you. You can choose several traders at a time; actually, you can copy as many of them, as you wish.

It’s a good option for professional traders as well, while not everyone has lots of time to control the market and manage his performance. So, if you are one of the busiest traders, choose the copy trading option and enjoy your income.

Freestyle-Options Potential Returns

It’s possible to choose among different contracts types, which will give you the following potential income:
– Binary Options. It means traders should determine if the price goes below or above the current level at the moment of expiration.
– Couples. It’s necessary to determine over two underlying assets, whether they are positive at the expiration moment.
– Long-term. That’s a classic binary option; the expiration time is up to 1 year.
– Sixty seconds. Another variant of classic binary option with the expiration time of 60 seconds.

Freestyle-Options Bonuses and Promotions

Freestyle Options offers some pretty good promotional offers to new customers. Each trader can use sound judgment to accept a bonus. The minimum trading rollover is 30x of the bonus amount for all the bonuses.

If you don’t know how to use the bonus, you should contact your account manager.
The bonus depends on the type of your account and ongoing terms on promotions. Once you join the platform, you become a member of the level program, your level will start from Silver and you can end as a Diamond member. Needless to say, the higher your level is, the more benefits you get.

Freestyle Options Payment Methods

Freestyle-Options accepts multiple payment methods, so you will surely find the one for you. Choose from such banking options, as Comodo, Maestro, Reuters, MasterCard, Visa, Skrill, Neteller, wire transfers, etc.

You can deposit in USD and withdraw in Bitcoins, and vice versa. If you have any questions or problems, you can apply to a manager and solve it within minutes. It usually takes about 2 days to check and process withdrawals.


Freestyle-Options can be considered one of the most reputable binary options broker in the market. It provides a wide range of binary opportunities, both to professional and beginning traders. Copy trading opportunities are one of the best on that platform.

New customers are welcomed with a good bonus offer depending on their account type. Don’t forget to learn about terms and conditions first.
It’s very convenient to use the site, very easy to navigate and find all the necessary information. Nothing distracts traders from their performance.
One of the best features is their customer support; its professionals are very responsive and helpful.

All the traders are given an instant access to education and training materials. If you are interested in the latest trading news, you can find them all in their blog.

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Testimonials about Freestyle-Options

Henry Millard

“Bitcoin is a gold mine now; I earn pretty well though investing in it now, and get 19%. I think of investing a bigger amount now. If someone is interested, drop me a line. “

Julius Dein

“The Bitcoin exchange rate increased significantly within several years. If you could buy one pizza for 20 bitcoins 4 years ago, today you can buy the whole pizzeria for 20 bitcoins. The Bitcoins are almost not susceptible to inflation and allow anyone to get a pretty good income. I do it within some time here and never lose. This chance is given to everyone, only you decided whether to use it or not.”

Alex Schmidt

“A binary option trading is of course not for everyone and bears some risks. But I have found my luck here on Freestyle options and am not going to skip it anymore. Good luck to everyone in that special field.”

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