Fuel price can be as low as N87 if Atiku becomes president

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Fuel price can be as low as N87 if Atiku becomes president

The PDP believe its presidential candidate in next year's general election has a template that will reduce the price of petrol from N145 to at least N87.

The PDP has displayed trust in its presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar in ensuring that the price of fuel is affordable for all Nigerians.

According to the PDP in a tweet, Atiku has already developed a plan that can help reduce the cost of petrol to be as low as N87.

It condemned Buhari’s administration for failing to solve the problem associated with the production and distribution of petroleum products in Nigeria since he  became president.

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Buhari’s cabal accused of diverting subsidy money

In more tweets, the PDP points a finger at Buhari’s cabal who are accused of diverting fund supposedly allocated for fuel subsidy.

According to the party, there is no justification for selling fuel at N145 per litre.


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