Gartley Pattern

“Gartley Pattern”, or making more than 90% trades profitable.

It is considered that for profitable binary option trading 65% positive trades closing is enough. And what if 90% of the trades will close up in the money? It is possible if you use the “Gartley Pattern” trading strategy.
Developed by Gartley, this trading system is slightly difficult for self- administration. It is based on trading according to the graphic patterns which have been successfully used for decades in stock, commodities and currency markets all over the world. If one enters the market using Gartley elaborated system, they are almost 100% guaranteed to make profit.
All you need is to build up a quotation Gartley Pattern chart like this:

Nowadays, this chart can be built up automatically by special technical indicator of platform MT4.

Gartley Pattern

As for trading, it is more productive to use “Gartley Pattern” for binary options, where it’s more important to indicate the direction of the asset movement, rather than calculating the point changing of the asset price since the date of enering the trade.

So if you look for platform Meta Trader 4 in the Internet, then download the indicator and template, which automatically build the “Gartley Pattern”, and download them to the MT4.

How to install the template and indicator to the MT4. Open C drive of your computer, find the file called “Program Files”
(the root directory for platform MT4 is situated here), then copy template and indicator files into the root directory.
After that restart your MT4 platform and find “PATTERNS” button in the interface. Apply “Gartley” pattern to any asset quotation graphic you are planning to trade with.

Gartley Pattern

The only thing that has left is to choose the broker for the binary options trading. This should be the company providing the minimal transaction amount (so you can follow the rules of money management), good number of assets, options selection and expiry terms. According to this peculiarities, the best company for you is BINOMO, which is characterized as stable broker providing your profit withdrawal in short terms.

Later, for the trading convenience, you put platform MT4 and web- trading Binomo platform alongside and start trading:

How to make a trade according to the “Gartley Pattern” system.
The work of the technical indicator drawing the pattern is to identify the emergence of pattern part at the graphic and to draw it in time. As you can see, this pattern looks like a butterfly.

Our job is to notice this pattern part and to make a trade in the right direction. While doing this we refer to:
We make PUT trades when the butterfly faced upwards emerges. We make CALL deals when we see a butterfly with the wings faced downwards. Thus, the potential level the asset price is moving to is the level drawn through the upper side of the first wing.

It is vitally importamt to reach this level for other financial instruments, but while binary options trading all you need is just to set the right direction to the quotation. Upon that if we identify the appropriate trading expiry, one definitely gets the profit. At our recommended broker company BINOMO, the expiry term can be set from 60 seconds to 1 year. Than’s why you can apply “Gartley Pattern” several times a day as well as long- termed.

So, when the “Gartley” butterfly emerges at the quotation graphic with the wings facing upwards – we PUT the binary option trade.

If we see that the butterfly’s wings are downfaced – we CALL.

Gartley Pattern

The only important factor is to define the expiration term correctly, which is essential for in the money closing.
In this case everything depends on the sort of timeframe you are going to use with the indicator at the quotation graphic. For the achievement of the final level as well as for reaching the profitable zone for your deal at the graphic, the asset price needs to be moved on 5-6 candlesticks. That is why if you put the indicator at MT4 for timeframe M5 (where one candlestick is equivalent to 5 minutes), the expiry term is 30 minutes. If the indicator is set at M15 timeframe, the expiry term is 1,5 hours an so on. For a guaranteed income using Gartley Pattern we are advised to follow stock trading news.

Binary option broker BINOMO gives a perfect opportunity to choose expiry interval from 60 seconds to 1 year, which is great for this type of trading system. Its signals help to get about 90% of trades in the money!

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