How to Contribute to the Tezos Crowdfunding

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Tezos smart contract

Good day guys if you want to participate in the ongoing Tezos crowdfunding this step by step tutorial is for you. If you’ve been following my post on the tezos crypto project you will notice that I updated the previous article notifying you guys that the initial coin offering that was scheduled to hold June was now shifted to July 1 which is today should in case you still don’t know what tezos please kindly follow the link below read about it.

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So let’s proceed to the main of how to contribute to the tezos crowd funding.

1. The first thing is to go to tezos fundraiser website scroll down and click on any of the contribution options you are willing to use. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will be using the tezos site. After clicking the tezos site  you will be taken to a welcome page where you will create your tezos wallet.

2. The HTML page is designed to work offline so it’s advisable to download and run it on a computer that is not connected to the Internet or at the very least you should access the page in incognito mode with your browser plugins disabled. Disconnect your internet connection and proceed to open the HTML file you’ve just downloaded

3. Let’s create your tezos wallet. Fill out your email and a strong password and click next.

4. Copy the password secret key and the public hash generated save it offline and click on save wallet to download the pdf document that contains your secret code, public hash and other important files.

5. The next thing is to verify your backup open the pdf file you downloaded, copy and paste your tezos wallet no into the first box followed by the password you used when creating the wallet, then click on verify and you will be taken to another page that, you will follow to make your contribution.

6. Now that we have successfully created the tezos wallet. You can now re-enable your internet connection and let proceed to make your contribution by clicking on the link to proceed.

6. At this stage, if you’re not yet ready to contribute, no worries’ you can close the tab and come back later as the generated link(for you only) or better still the bitcoin and ethereum deposit address that you will need to fund your newly created wallet is in contained in the pdf file you download earlier on.

7. Now let’s go online to fund the newly created wallet. To send your contribution the tezos foundation recommend an allocation rate of 5,000 XTZ/XBT (five thousand tezzies per bitcoin) as well as a time-based bonus. No worries if you don’t have 1 bitcoin you can still participate as the minimum of amount of tezos that can be exchanged for either bitcoin or ethereum is 500 XTZ which is 0.1 BTC and 0.918 ETH and the current bonus rate is 20% as at the time of writing this.

8.The next thing is to determine the contribution option and how many tezos you want to buy, there’s a currency converter calculator on the page to help you do that.

You can also pay with other altcoins like Monero, Ripple, Zcash, Litecoin, using the Altcoin via Shapeshift option type the amount of the tezos tokens you want to buy it will show you the equivalent in BTC or ETH depending on the one you are using and then choose your preferred payment option the BTC or Eth deposit address or the barcode will be displayed.

For safety purpose, please check if the deposit address is the same thing with the one in the pdf file you downloaded.

Proceed and make your payment and also to check your contributions, please visit

Finally after making your contribution be patient as transactions may take up to one hour to be available.

Hope this helps.

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