The Investing Implications

Is Trump the End of Everything?

Well hasn’t the 2016 US general election been something of a roller coaster ride. I’m sure that you are all aware of what happened on the campaign trail so I won’t patronize you with the details. But what I’m sure you are wondering, along with many other people, is what does this mean for investments? To be brutally honest the outlook is grim for the American economy but as an investor I am confident that the down shift won’t be half as bad as expected.

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I’m basing my judgement on a couple of factors one of which is uncertainty. Not only were we all surprised at the outcome but we were all surprised at the end of day results for the NASDAQ which, after a poor start, actually bounced back and ended in a strong position. What the future holds as far as the economic trade sector goes we will have to wait and see. As a business man Donald Trump is in the unique position of actually knowing how it works and how to slant it to his advantage. It is entirely possible that the end result could be favorable if not impressive.

As it currently stands the United States does not permit Binary Options within their territory but that may all change should brokers push for an addendum to the current ruling. Mr. Trump’s administration may yet u-turn the system allowing binary brokers to branch out and take advantage of American investment potential. The sad fact is that, as it currently stands, we simply do not yet have the answers to the bigger questions.

What we do know is that American investment potential still exists and new trade deals made by the Trump administration could prove strong for the global markets. As for binary options traders, well the future currently is uncertain. Stock prices are almost guaranteed to fluctuate over the coming months with dreadful unpredictability. Globally speaking the world simply does not yet know how the chips will fall now that they have been thrown into the air. Obviously supply and demand will stay pretty much as they are for now as the economy has its own ecology and balance to maintain.

If you are thinking of investing in the near future then I would suggest that you take care. As it is right now there is simply an excess of risk attributed to the uncertainty of the situation which leads to large investment companies holding onto their cash in the hopes of a better deal.

For small and medium scale binary options trader’s life may be a little interesting over the coming year but, thanks to the brilliance of the binary options system, downshifts can be as profitable as upshifts. What will be the hardest to factor will of course be predictions and risk. Be aware that your data pool and information supply will need to be up-rated to keep you abreast of any potential sudden change.

So before you throw your investment down on the table I would advise you to be a little cautious for the near future, at least until things settle back down to their usual rhythm. Keep an ear to the vine and make sure that any investments you make are covered against potential failure or force majeure.

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