Trade Market Binary Options Robot

Trade Market Binary Options Robot

If you have ever had anything to do with binary options trading you must have got the wind of binary auto-trade and binary trading robots that stimulate the process of trading, and basically give you easy money! You know, I have never really trusted robot trading. It’s difficult to see even other people in charge of my money, let alone a robot. That seemed unthinkable. But you never know until you try, right? I’m so glad I did.

My fellow traders told me about Trade-Market Binary Trading Robot. The official service description reads: “Trade market is meant for additional risk control of signals and it provides you with higher security standards. In automatic mode Trade-Market Binary Options Robot processes up to 200 signals from the signal provider, runs them through a set of the known algorithms and scans them with a 12-hour data feed of a particular asset. In case 50% of the checked algorithms consider the signal successful, TM lets the signal be traded. The trade size is interlinked with the comparative percentage.

It seemed like a tempting idea, but I still had some doubts. Despite them all, I decided to try and see how it goes. The thing that persuaded me was the trial at Trade Market. Free trials always help me to get rid of doubts and skepticism. Trade Market service gives you 500$ to trade within 3 days and see how good you are. The received profit is added to your account when you make the first deposit.

The first thing that wins you over is their interface. It’s truly outstanding, I have to admit. A convenient dashboard, which is fairly minimalistic, but yet it meets all your needs. Another advantage is the stop loss, because with Trade Market Robot you can set it yourself. By stop loss I mean a particular limit, and if your trades are over the limit you won’t lose or gain anything, if they are less than the set limit they will be traded in your account.

They said they have 75% success rate, and didn’t lie! The results exceeded my expectations – I easily raised my demo to 500$.

Obviously, I was amazed and I started considering the idea and consulted my fellow traders. These guys introduced me to Trade Market and they approved the service, so I finally made up my mind and invested some money. My first deposit was $5000 and then I started following my account. A few weeks passed by I discovered that taking their bonus is worthwhile, because this way you’ll get to have a bigger stop loss.

I’d like to point out a few things. You decide whether to take that bonus at Trade Market Binary Options Robot or not, it is not obligatory. You can find the option on your personal account page (one bonus for one deposit). A bonus must be turned over 30 times before withdrawing money. However at Trade Market there exists a withdrawal restriction period of 4 months. It means even if you turn the money over 30 times, you still have to wait till 4 months have passed since the first trade.

I’m in the habit of writing thorough reviews, so I waited for the actual results before fully reviewing Trade-Market Binary Options Robot. Honestly, withdrawal has always been an issue for most of us. With Trade Market Binary Options Robot system it took me 4 months to withdraw money. Apart from waiting, the process itself is incredibly easy! I thought the money would arrive in 7 days; I got them in just 4! Apparently I was persuaded to stick with Trade Market and I definitely think it’s worth trying.

Trade Market Binary Options Robot. Three steps to begin

It doesn’t take long to start! Just 3 simple steps and you get all benefits of Automated Binary. Here they are:
1. Create your own account at Automated Binary Option Robot and choose the broker you prefer
2. Choose your stop loss limit
3. Make a deposit and get involved in the automated trading. You’d better invest 500$ (min 250$), because then you’ll get the opportunity to take broker bonuses up to 200% and make your profits soar.

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