Traders Options Services

What are Traders options services?

Today’s overview is dedicated to the newcomer of binary options market – Traders Options. Some of you might have heard of the growing new trend that strikes a balance between binary options trading and online casino. In this overview we will uncover some peculiarities of this new service.

As it have been mentioned before both binary options traders and online casino players will be able to indulge their desire of money earning and for each of them this experience promises to be new. In order to make it clear we decided to give a try to the service and created our own account with Traders Options. It was decided to start with a modest deposit of $600 and optimistic outlook.

How do Traders options work?

Thanks to the user friendly interface it wasn’t so difficult to understand the rules of the game, according to which you just need to choose the most suitable trading room and after select a strike value you consider the winning one for your currency pair. After the strike price was chosen you cannot change it that’s why the only thing can to do is to keep calm and wait till the round is over. It’s quite exciting to follow how the victory goes from one trader to another together with orange color highlighting the value closest to the current one of the asset. You may ease the tension of expectation talking to other traders in a live chat, sometimes these guys may give you a really valuable suggestion regarding your trading but more often you just share your experiences there and have some fun.

What is the minimum amount at Traders options?

The minimum amount of money you can invest a trade is $20. This sum is just perfect if you don’t have a huge deposit on your account. In any case even with $20 you can earn your first $1000 just thanks to the way the system works.

Traders options

Is Traders options service profitable?

In accordance with the rules of the game – winner takes it all, in this case all is 85% of the bank, other 15% go the company as a service fee, therefore the more traders are in your room the better profit you may get, sounds tempting isn’t it? You just need to join trading room, look at the currency pair graph and make your own prediction before the timeframe during which you can place a trade expires.

After you won a decent amount of money you most probably would like to withdraw some money to celebrate your victory with friends, that’s why after we made a bit of profit we asked for a small withdrawal. To be honest we were prepared for a long expectation, some skeptics in our team even had doubts about any money arriving to the bank account but nevertheless after 5 business days we got our $600 back.

Our recommendations about Traders options

In general we got a very positive experience with Traders Options and ready to confirm that the product they offer is a fresh idea that may strike a chord with binary options traders and online casino players. What’s more there are no hidden fees that may hamper your withdrawal or eliminate the profit you made, therefore we would recommend this service not only to seasoned traders and online casino players but also newbies in binary options trading.

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