Trading on the American NYSE

Trading on the American NYSE

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New York Stock Exchange NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) is the world’s largest marketplace for securities trading with over 3,000 issuers and total capitalization of more than 26 trillion of US dollars (around 60% of the world share volume). NYSE is a standard of liquidity and financial strength. Compared with other world stock exchanges, the NYSE least of all is a subject to sharp price fluctuations of securities, which makes this stock the most reliable in the world.

The Stock Exchange Building is located on Wall Street, the world’s largest financial center and the main financial center of the United States.

History of Trading on the American NYSE market

Trading on the American

Was founded May 17, 1792 (based on the decision of 24 New York brokers, prior making their deals in coffee shops). Although the stock got its current name only in 1863.

There are 1366 members working at the NYSE (their number has not changed since the middle of last century), among them are experts, acting as brokers or dealers; commission brokers serving the brokerage companies; brokers, working only with other members of the stock exchange, and helping them to comply orders; registered traders. All these places can be sold (the cost is approximately US $ 3 million).
Year 2006 – the NYSE has signed an agreement to amalgamate with electronic exchange Archipelago Holdings and offered its shares to potential investors. That’s how NYSE became a commercial organization.

Year 2007 – the NYSE amalgamated with the European stock exchange Euronext.

Trading on the American NYSE indices

DJIA Dow Jones Industrial Average, created by Charles Dow – the oldest US market index;
NYSE Composite (since 12/31/1965) – more than 2,000 shares of companies in the US and other countries a total capitalization of more than $ 20 trillion;

NYSE ARCA Tech 100 Index (since 1982) – shares and ADR of the largest innovative companies.
NYSE trading advantages:
enormously huge choice of financial instruments;
enormously high degree of liquidity;
geographical and political diversification of assets.

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