Yanlord: Downtrend still continuing as predicted it seems… Price 1.18. System?

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Just about 2 weeks back, we spotted some bearish price actions in Yanlord with it breaking the 1.40 level…

There were already some signs of weakness in this counter with the downtrend taking shape..

And the thing is, we got a Bearish signal from the system too..

Hence, some downside targets were drawn too, towards 1.30 first then to 1.10.. see what I mean…


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Just last week, we saw our 1st target and support at 1.30 giving way too..

And a slight rebound from short covering but still we expected the downtrend to continue…

Again, targets were reiterated to the downside as seen below to 1.20 then 1.10 finally..

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Today, we are seeing more bearish price actions again with it breaking the 1.20 level…

See where we are now below..

Target at 1.10 still on tracked and we may see some short covering near there again and potentially a slight rebound…

There are still no exits on the bearish signal we saw on the system 3 weeks back

So you want to be careful if you are holding, especially below 1.20 now..

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trading on Economists news

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