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A Financial Plan for When You Are Expecting And Insurance Isn’t Enough

This post originally appeared on Fabric When I became a parent three years ago, I was excited to finally see my baby’s face for the first time…I was less than excited to face a five-figure bill mere weeks after giving birth. I found a way to cover the costs, but my high-deductible plan meant financial […]

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Don’t Skip the Vacation – Here are Some Ways to Save

This post originally appeared on Fabric Travel is a powerful way to relax and avoid getting burnt out from your busy life. But whether you’re road tripping or flying, visiting family or a brand new place, one thing unites all family vacations: They’re expensive. Still, as long as you have a solid emergency fund to protect your family, it’s […]

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How to Talk About Finances with your Partner

This post originally appeared on Fabric When you’re just starting to date someone, talking money can feel taboo. And when you begin to talk about next steps like moving in together, getting married or combining financial obligations, finding out that your partner isn’t on the same page as you, credit-wise, can seem like a shock. […]

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Emergency Fund: Why You Need One & How to Build It

This post originally appeared on Fabric There’s one thing you can do to help secure your family’s future, achieve your own goals and give you (and those around you) peace of mind: Have a solid emergency fund. Forty-six percent of Americans don’t have $400 in cash to handle an emergency–but car repairs, hospital bills, job […]

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Need to Pay of Credit Card Debt? Start With These Tips

This post originally appeared on Fabric Credit card debt is the worst. With interest charges that seem continually on the rise, and balances that never seem to go down, it’s like a pesky iPhone morning wake-up alarm that never stops blaring. If you’ve hit snooze on paying off your cards more than a few times, […]

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How to Plan for Your Digital Assets in Your Will

This post originally appeared on Fabric You may think you’re ahead of the game if you’re among the fewer than half of Americans who’ve created estate-planning documents such as a last will and testament. But if you haven’t addressed your digital assets, you may not be done yet. People are increasingly using tech to help plan for their […]