Personal Finance

A Guide to Financial Prioritization

This post originally appeared on Fabric You already know the most basic principle of personal finance–spend less money than you make. Once you’ve got that covered, however, figuring out how to achieve all your financial goals at once can feel overwhelming. Should you direct any extra cash toward paying off your student loans or saving […]


Dreaming of Entrepreneurship? See How this Couple Made it Work

This post originally appeared on Fabric Many of us fantasize about breaking free from the daily grind and becoming an entrepreneur. Maybe, we tell ourselves, we could even build the next million- or billion-dollar venture. Then, too often, real life comes crashing in. Where would we get startup funds? Are we really ready to quit […]

Estate Planning

Americans Today are Approaching Their Wills in a Whole New Way

This article originally appeared on Fabric Millennials are shaking up everything from politics to the way they approach parenthood to how they use public libraries (they actually use them more). One of the last frontiers? Writing a last will and testament is a classic financial chore–which many people assume costs a lot of money and requires hours (or days or weeks […]


Term v. Whole Life Insurance – What’s the Difference?

This post originally appeared on Fabric From the high cost of giving birth to the price of soccer uniforms, it’s nearly inevitable that your finances will change when you become a parent. Most of all, there’s this knowledge, this pressure: Another human depends on you. That’s where life insurance comes in. It’s important to help make sure your family […]

Personal Finance Side Hustle

Self-Employment is the Key to My Family’s Financial Stability

This post originally appeared on Fabric My husband and I sat in the mortgage broker’s office, running the numbers as we prepared to buy our first house. My husband is a cop and I’m a freelance writer, so most people assume his job is the cornerstone of our financial security. They’re wrong. The broker asked […]

Personal Finance

The Best Money Tips from 7 Top Personal Finance Bloggers

This post originally appeared on Fabric There’s a lot of wisdom on the internet. At least, if you know where to look. For inspiration on ways we can innovate and improve our finances, we turned to some of the best personal finance blogs and asked those been-there-done-that personal finance bloggers for their top tips. Here’s […]

Personal Finance

It’s Possible to Save Even if You Live in a Big City – Here’s How

This post originally appeared on Fabric Research most smart and sane budgeting wisdom and you’ll likely find variations around the 50/20/30 rule, i.e. you should be spending your take-home salary using the following method: 50 percent on fixed costs, 20 percent on savings and 30 percent on discretionary income. However, as any city-dweller who’s just realized they […]