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It’s Possible to Save Even if You Live in a Big City – Here’s How

This post originally appeared on Fabric Research most smart and sane budgeting wisdom and you’ll likely find variations around the 50/20/30 rule, i.e. you should be spending your take-home salary using the following method: 50 percent on fixed costs, 20 percent on savings and 30 percent on discretionary income. However, as any city-dweller who’s just realized they […]

4 steps for budgeting for a baby
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Expecting a Baby? Follow These 4 Steps to Budget for Your Little One.

This post originally appeared on Fabric. The average cost of raising a child to is now $245,340. Keep breathing. Whether you’re already budgeting with ease or a single mom who’s trying to make it all work, we’ll show you how to pull it off without going broke. Budgeting can be hard with a new baby on the way. It’d […]

5 reasons your group life insurance plan may not be sufficient
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Your Life Insurance Policy at Work May Not Be Enough. Here’s Why.

This post originally appeared on Fabric. When life insurance is offered as part of a benefits package through your employer, you may assume you’re covered. Especially if you don’t have a mortgage or kids, group term life insurance may feel like enough. But that may not be the case, says Paul Felson, president of Felsen Insurance Services […]

Losing weight could save you big on life insurance
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Did You Know That Losing Weight Could Save You Thousands of Dollars?

This post originally appeared on Fabric. Year in and year out, Americans commit (and recommit) themselves to getting fit in the new year. “Stay fit and healthy” and “lose weight” ranked as the top two new year’s resolutions in one study; “save more, spend less” consistently appears among the top five. Want a little motivation to […]

Dave Ramsey
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Four Reasons You Should Stop Following Dave Ramsey’s Advice

Why you shouldn’t listen to Dave Ramsey    One of the questions people ask the most is if they should pay down debt or save? Everyone from financial gurus such as Dave Ramsey to big corporations preaches about the best advice when about paying down debt and saving. It seems as though everyone has various […]