5 Easy Ways to Save Money Instantly

Most of us know we need to save more money, but figuring out how to do that can feel like an overwhelming task! However, we know that the hardest part of starting any project is, well, starting.  So here are 5 easy ways to save money instantly by using apps and browser extensions.  And all are free to use! 

Easy Way to Save Money Instantly #1 

The first way to save money instantly is by using Rakuten.  Basically, you click their link to whatever site you’re buying from (Amazon, etc.) and make your purchase as you normally would.  Once you reach their payout threshold, they send you a check!  

Easy Way to Save Money Instantly #2

Sign up for Paribus!  This one is pretty cool.  Paribus scans your email receipts and monitors whether there are any price drops that qualify you for a refund of the difference based on the store’s terms.  Then (depending on the store), they either go ahead and get the money for you (and deposit it) or send you a message you can copy and paste to customer service to get the money easily and quickly. Again, this is something most of us would never check or notice otherwise, and it’s money in your pocket for free! 

Easy Way to Save Money Instantly #3

Another easy way to save money instantly is by using the coupon-finding extension Honey.  Honey is a browser extension that checks for coupons on sites you’re already on- including Amazon!  It also checks to see if the price listed is the best price.  Then with a simple click, it will try all available coupons, so you get the best deal while shopping online.  You can also add items to a list to be notified when the price drops to make sure you get the best deal!  And if all of that wasn’t enough, by using Honey, you’ll also earn “honey gold” that you can redeem for gift cards! 

Easy Way to Save Money Instantly #4

But maybe you’re out and about shopping and looking for coupons…is there a way to save then?  YES!  For this, I love the RetailMeNot app.  RetailMeNot has some of the same features as Honey when you shop online if you choose to use them, but what I use the most is their phone app.  The phone app allows you to look up coupons for whatever store you’re in, then scan the coupon at the register, and you’re good to go!  

Easy Way to Save Money Instantly #5

One more easy way to save money is by using Raise.   Raise sells gift cards at a discount- so if there are places you always shop (think grocery stores, gas stations, clothing stores, etc. that you KNOW you’ll spend money there anyway), you can buy these gift cards at a discount and use them to save money on things you know you’ll be purchasing anyway!  

Bonus Easy Way to Save Money Not-As-Instantly: 

Each of the above is an easy way to save some money quickly, but for saving a more significant amount of money over the longer term, you’ll need to save on one of the biggest expenses for most people: food. 

My favorite way to do this is with the free productivity app Trello.  Using Trello, I’m able to plan our meals in a way that fits our changing budget each week (no matter how tight!). But, of course, if you need to need to save more money on your meals, I’d be happy to show you how to master your menu with this method, too!

Summing Up…

There are many easy ways to save money instantly, using simple apps and browser extensions to shop more efficiently! Of course, they won’t make you rich, but over time these savings can add up and help you along the way to financial success. 

Speaking of financial success- if you have a teen who needs to learn to budget and manage money, be sure to check out this Personal Finance 101 course for Teens!

I hope you enjoyed these 5 easy ways to save money instantly!