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5 Financial Lessons Learned from a Money Blogger’s Perspective

This post was originally published here on Melissa I haven’t always been good with money. In fact, I have coined myself a “free-spirited nerd”. In other words, I am really good at laying out plans, but when it comes time to implement them, I tend to sabotage my success. As former banker and Realtor, […]

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Perks, Points & Annual Fees – Which Card is Right for You?

This post originally appeared on Fabric When it comes to using credit cards, you already know the importance of being smart and responsible. Especially because their use can greatly impact your credit score and your ability to get a loan or a mortgage. And since well-managed credit cards can be such a useful tool for your overall financial […]

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A Financial Plan for When You Are Expecting And Insurance Isn’t Enough

This post originally appeared on Fabric When I became a parent three years ago, I was excited to finally see my baby’s face for the first time…I was less than excited to face a five-figure bill mere weeks after giving birth. I found a way to cover the costs, but my high-deductible plan meant financial […]

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Don’t Skip the Vacation – Here are Some Ways to Save

This post originally appeared on Fabric Travel is a powerful way to relax and avoid getting burnt out from your busy life. But whether you’re road tripping or flying, visiting family or a brand new place, one thing unites all family vacations: They’re expensive. Still, as long as you have a solid emergency fund to protect your family, it’s […]

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How to Talk About Finances with your Partner

This post originally appeared on Fabric When you’re just starting to date someone, talking money can feel taboo. And when you begin to talk about next steps like moving in together, getting married or combining financial obligations, finding out that your partner isn’t on the same page as you, credit-wise, can seem like a shock. […]