The Power of the Handwritten Note

Want to send handwritten thank you cards online?

I love handwritten letters. I think that writing letters is a lost art form and I wish we could bring them back. Having a handwritten note or letter is just a beautiful way to express yourself.

I love handwritten notes. There is nothing better than receiving a note from someone who took the time to sit down and write it out with their hand. It’s such a thoughtful gesture, and I find myself always saving those notes to reread when I’m feeling sad or lonely. As people become more aware of how much work goes into manually writing things, I hope that people will start sending handwritten notes more often.

I found this amazing post on saying thank you and sending thank you cards for any occasion and it really resonated with me. Saying thank you and sending thank you cards for any occasion is a great way to show your gratitude and make someone feel appreciated. Sending a thank you card in the mail is a thoughtful and memorable gesture, and we’ve all had that magical moment when we’ve received one. Whether it’s for a birthday party, graduation, or anything else, it’s important to take care of those who have taken care of us. After all, they deserve it!

Handwrytten is an awesome service that helps you send handwritten greeting cards online. Too bad I didn’t have it a few years ago!

When I got married, I was lucky enough to receive many gifts from family and friends. So I set myself up at my new kitchen table and wrote handwritten personalized notes to each person who sent us a gift. Unfortunately, my hands began to cramp as I moved down the list, and I quickly realized my problem. Although I wanted to send out thank you cards to everyone as soon as possible, I wasn’t writing so many cards on my own!

Too bad I didn’t know about Handwrytten then! Instead, I sat and wrote a few each night, and it took me a very long time to finish all the cards. In fact, it felt like writing thank you cards was taking over my life!

As a business owner, I would love to reach out to my clients and potential clients with a handwritten note. Nothing says “thank you” or “I appreciate you” than a handwritten note. However, I can’t do all that on my own!

Businesses have been going digital for a long time now, but that doesn’t mean a handwritten note should be considered a thing of the past. There are many benefits to sending a handwritten note. The first is that it shows sincerity and care. A handwritten message can show you put in the extra effort to write an individualized letter to the recipient. There is also evidence that this type of communication has long-term positive effects on how people feel about themselves and their relationship with the sender.

Handwritten notes are an effective way to communicate with important clients and customers. Hiring a virtual assistant can be costly, which is why companies like Handwrytten are so awesome. Handwritten notes convey the sincerity of the sender and show that they took time out of their day just to get in touch. The note can be used as a reminder for them while also reminding the recipient how much they value their business.

The whirlwind of business can be hectic at times, but that doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your personal touch. Sending handwritten notes still leaves a lasting impression on clients, colleagues, and potential employees.
One of the most discreet forms of marketing is word-of-mouth, which is why handwritten notes are so effective. As people share their experience with you, they also share their contact information- creating an influx of new leads for your business. And if you can automate it to make it easier and cost-effective, then all the better.

Handwritten notes are more personal than an email, text message, or phone call. Receiving one in the mail is like getting a gift in the mail that you don’t even know you were expecting. People appreciate the thought of sending something handwritten instead of typed out. It is thoughtful and can be personalized to your liking with colorful pens, stickers, and even doodles on the envelope.

I love handwritten notes for many reasons. First of all, they feel more personal and thoughtful than email messages or text messages. Second,  also don’t have to chicken out of sending a note because it feels too awkward. Lastly, I enjoy the feeling of writing by hand, and it gives me a chance to be creative and explore my artistic side!